Choice of Marketing Activities in Relation to Company Size


  • František Milichovský
  • Petra Šmakalová


Marketing activities, marketing management, size of company, Czech business environment, customer relationship


Purpose of the article: is to present the selected data obtained from primary research, which concerns the choice of marketing activities use in the Czech business environment in view of their size. The current highly competitive environment wields permanent pressure on companies which are in turn force to monitor and adapt the important trends and changes in order to retain their planned position on target marketes. Logical response to changes and requirements of nowadays is using a combination marketing activities in marketing management. Methodology/methods: for the article were gained data by primary research, using a structure questionnaire survey and processing by statistical software IBM SPSS Statistics 20. The Research sample consists 147 companies in 2010 and 115 companies in 2011. All companies were operating in the Czech environment and they were chosen at random. Scientific aim: the main scientific aim is to analyze the condition of marketing management and determine whether there is a relationship between the choice of marketing activities and company size in the Czech business environment. The analyzed period covers years 2010 and 2011. Findings: of the research point to differences in the use of marketing activities in view of company size. Within article the particular selected activities will be paid attention especially in view of the importance their choice by studied companies. It was found out that the companies in their search for business opportunities mainly use marketing activities as definition of marketing goals, monitoring of the needs of target customers and measuring customer satisfaction. But also it was found there is only average dependency between the definition of marketing goals and company size. Conclusions: The companies are aware the importance of relationship with their customers, but the marketing management is still a sphere in which the companies can find possibilities to increase their competitiveness in view of the growing competitive environment.