Performance of Enterprises from Information and Communication Activities in Economic and Social Area


  • Markéta Klímková
  • Jana Hornungová


business performance, social area, economic area, key performance indicators, Czech Republic


Purpose of the article: The purpose of the article is to present some partial results from the specific research, which was focused on the area of business performance in the Czech Republic. These results are supported by theoretical foundation from economic and social performance of enterprises. The paper starts with these two terms “economic” and “social performance”, then paper presents main typical indicators, which are used in mentioned areas. Methodology/methods: First of all we used the documentary analysis based on secondary data. The main sources for this analysis were foreign journals and books. The research data were used from Czech Statistical Office, and from the research on which we were participated during the doctoral studies. On the basis of these data we will analyze the development of key economic and social indicators, which are monitored on a selected sample of companies. Scientific aim: The main aim of this paper is to perform a thorough literature search, applied to the Czech area and finding, which indicators from these two areas are the most monitored. The aim is to find whether exist relationship between economic and social performance. Findings: Performance plays an important role in management of enterprises. We can also say, that performance includes a lot of areas, but actually we are interested in the social and economic. In many cases, the performance is very crucial competitive advantage in the market. Due the performance monitoring the enterprises can find the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) – the set of measures focusing on critical areas of organizational performance. Conclusions: Based on the paper will be notified of the need to monitor both economic and social indicators that could affect not only performance of the enterprise itself, but also on their activities within the competitiveness.