Attitudes of Owners of Small an Medium Sized Enterprises to Issues of Insolvency of in the Czech and Slovak Republic


  • Marie Paseková
  • Hana Ředinová


small and medium-sized enterprises, insolvency, insolvency proposal, debtor, creditor


Purpose of the article: The purpose of the present paper is to determine the attitudes of owners of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Czech and Slovak Republic relating to insolvency issues in both countries. Insolvency of enterprises is for most involved a negative situation in the first moment. This negative view often means loss of business, causing a loss of income, wages and employment for workers, loss of business partners, as well as a reduction in public revenue and an increase in public spending. Of the positive view the insolvency means “clean up” the market from economically weak, possibly through certain steps starting a new and renewed business. Methodology/methods: Research is focused on the area of small and medium-sized enterprises. In this paper, the method of questionnaire survey among participants of the given segment is used, supplemented by statistical methods. The research results are evaluated and presented through a graphical representation. Scientific aim: The aim of the article is to present the attitudes of owners of small and medium-sized enterprises on the issue of insolvency of the small and medium-sized enterprises in the Czech and Slovak Republic. The main output is the interpretation of the obtained results and thus new knowledge in this area. Findings: From the research there, it was found that in the insolvency proceedings were participated more respondents from the Czech Republic, especially in the position of the creditor and the entity that gave an insolvency proposal. In the other areas, the results are from the answers of the respondents in both countries practically comparable. Conclusions: In both countries there is possible to observe a significant tendency for respondents actively solve their own problems in the area of insolvency, only less than 10% of owners will be waiting for the steps of creditors.