Strenghts and Weakness of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Slovak Republic on Example of Selected Region


  • Andrea Smiščíková
  • Jarmila Vidová


small enterprises, medium enterprises, Bratislava region, the primary source of regional competitiveness, the possibility of obtaining external funds for business


Purpose of the article: SMEs play an important role as producers of new goods and services, as carriers of innovation. They are promoters of intense competition, creating a culture of entrepreneurial energy, and also have the ability to establish and improve relations between enterprises. The remarkable feature is constantly creating new ideas, what innovative companies liquidate stagnant firms during economic cycles. Methodology/methods: In formulating the scientific paper was used scientific methods of research, based on the classification of data from domestic and foreign sources, using conventional scientific methods such as analysis, synthesis and comparison. We also used the statistical method to query and scaling. Scientific aim: The scientific paper is to determine the status of SMEs in the region of Bratislava. The main focus is on strengths and weaknesses of the business through empirical research. The focus of work will consist of a comparison of results in the diapason from 2002–2010. In the design of the proposed measures will improve the condition. The aim of our study was to detect the possibility of obtaining external funds for business. Findings: Small and Medium Enterprises provides for the creation of new jobs. In the Slovak Republic, especially in the Bratislava region is business on increase evidenced by what also increase the number of businesses. Bridge financing used sources of business loans are. The most important criterion for obtaining funds from external sources for businesses is the interest rate. Conclusions: The business community is crucial for competitiveness in a market economy at all levels. Because it has an important role in coping with competitive pressures of market forces. Businesses are carriers of stabilization, development and employment. The primary source of regional competitiveness, the competitiveness of its business units, which is determined by factors in the general environment, specific environmental factors of the region in which businesses operate and place-specific factors, internal and external business environment. Convenient location of the Bratislava region provides favorable conditions for building a position economically the most important region in Slovakia. The other positives are educated workforce, many universities and financial institutions.