Maintenance Management Systems in the Czech Enterprises of Chemical and Food Industries

Lenka Branska, Zuzana Pecinova, Michal Patak, Monika Stankova, Pavla Kholova


Purpose of the article: The aim of this article is to use the results of the qualitative research to describe the current form of maintenance systems used in enterprises of chemical and food industries, and then to discuss and generalize the results.
Methodology/methods: The primary qualitative research was conducted in five companies, which can be regarded as typical representatives of the industries. The main objective of the primary research in individual companies was to determine how they perform the strategic and tactical operational planning of maintenance, implementation of these plans and their control. Individual interviews with respondents were used as the research method. The results of the research were processed using the content analysis method. Subsequently, comparison of the findings from individual businesses and subsequent synthesis thereof was performed, which allowed making generalizations.
Scientific aim: The scientific aim of the article is to develop knowledge in the field of maintenance management by specifying the form of the maintenance systems utilized in Czech enterprises of the chemical and food industries and identifying the main opportunities for their improvement.
Findings: Czech enterprises of the chemical and food industries utilize maintenance management systems. These systems are aimed at prevention, emphasizing the planning of maintenance activities in fixed periodic intervals. Also, they often utilize diagnostic maintenance. However, the maintenance systems currently used cannot be considered fully operational, with regard to the relatively large volume of after-failure repairs.
Conclusions: Production equipment maintenance systems are irreplaceable in chemical and food industry enterprises, but there is great potential for improvement. Improvement should be focused on the area of strategic as well as tactical and operational planning of production equipment maintenance. In terms of strategy, the biggest opportunity for a dramatic improvement is the implementation of modern maintenance methods. In the context of the existing systems, improvement can be achieved especially in setting strategic objectives, the system of indicators to measure the performance of maintenance and in implementing an information system. In the tactical and operational level, it would be useful to develop a maintenance planning system linked with suppliers and customers and utilize mathematical methods and models to optimize plans for this business activity


maintenance, maintenance systems, production equipment, chemical industry, food industry

JEL Classification

M11, M21

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Online: 2017-01-02