Relationship of reverse logistics and marketing communication in Czech Republic

František Milichovský


Purpose of the article: The paper deals with question if the final customers are interested in reverse logistics in marketing campaigns, acceptable in the market of Czech Republic.
Methodology/methods: Paper is based on primary research, on which participated final consumers in Czech Republic through the questionnaire survey. Results of the paper are based on testing of dependence between individual variables by Pearson chi-square test.
Scientific aim: The aim of the article is to show relationship of marketing communication and reverse logistics, and their correlation.
Findings: Main result of research provide relationship between marketing communication tools and reverse activity. The research was aimed at random chosen group of 585 people in the Czech Republic. The result of the research can be used for the companies that operate in the Czech or Central European market.
Conclusions: The primary research provides possible approaches for companies in communication green services to final consumers. Limitation for this research because of the chosen sample. Own data for primary research was gained only in Czech Republic.


reverse logistics activities, marketing communication tools, customers’ perception, Czech Republic, marketing campaigns

JEL Classification

M31, M37, O14, Q56

Full Text:

Online: 2016-10-04