IT Tools and their Use in Strategy Creation in Respect of Economic Results of a Company


  • Ladislav Pálka
  • Romana Hajkrová


Information System, Management, Process, Analysis, Reporting, Business Indicators


Purpose of the article: The article analyzes the current state of information technology in terms of their use in a strategy creation of a company in relation to monitoring the economic results of a company. It investigates, identifies and evaluates the overall situation of the concept and principles of these tools, their effectiveness in drawing up the strategy and strategic company goals, the ability to perform a variety of economic analysis without the need of a complex operation and understanding, but also for an effective evaluation of data for a planning support, management and deciding of management components, leading to the overall success of a company. The reason for this monitoring is a considerable difference between strategic company planning and its real results. Methodology/methods: In terms of methodology, the literature review of the current state of the issue has been used. – Primary: interviews, observations, expert estimation. – Secondary: evaluation of the data from the database of IS, documentation of seminars. – Quantitative Research: mapping the orientation of the issue, the confrontation with the theory. – Qualitative research: projective, structured interview (by users and suppliers). Scientific aim: The main aim of the work is to solve the problems of management and evaluation of the economic process in respect of information technology tools in connection with the formation of corporate strategy and monitoring of financial results of the company. The reason for selecting of the above-mentioned issue is the fact that information technology resources are currently not used in the creation of corporate strategy, specifically in the area of economic goals. Findings: To describe the situation in the region and to clearly define the basic problems used as a basis for the use of IT support tools in creation of corporate strategy, namely economic goals and the use of feedback of information support tools for assessing the economic results of the company. To identify individual problems and compare them with the perception of this issue at the level of professionals in science and information technology. Conclusions: Based on the evaluation of information support used for creation of economic objectives within the corporate strategy and the use of factors of an economic evaluation of the company, to define the issue of the application of these instruments by both users and suppliers