Challenges of Regulatory Agencies Consolidation while Reducing Administrative Burdens for Business: Case of Lithuania


  • Vida Davidaviciene
  • Elena Vengriene


structure of government, regulatory authority, administrative burdens, IT management


Purpose of the article: The purpose of this article is to analyse the reform of Lithuanian regulatory agencies, as well as identify the number of such agencies in Lithuania and compare the situation to EU. Methology/methods: Review of academic and legal literature, comparison, synthesis, case study, statistical data analysis. Scientific aim: The aim of this article is to summarize adopted approaches on reducing administrative burdens for business as well as research regulatory agencies consolidation challenges in Lithuania. This article compares the activity of Lithuanian and EU regulatory agencies. Findings: Case study reveal that an unified list of regulatory agencies is not in use in Lithuania and the research and other reform actions taken by supervising authorities is being performed using different sets of regulatory agencies, which lead to ineffective regulatory agencies consolidation. Conclusions: The results of the research emphasize the importance of compiling a clear, united and unified list of regulatory agencies. Furthermore, it is important to carry on consolidation of controlling institutions and merge regulatory agencies in order to achieve a clear responsibility for controlled areas and reduce regulatory costs, as a measure for further development IT should be considered.