Technology Roadmapping in the Management of Renewable Energy Technologies


  • Katarzyna Halicka


technology development, technology roadmapping, renewable energy sources


Purpose of the article: The main objective of this paper is to present the possibility of using the method of technology roadmapping to build the route of development of RES technologies. The article is of reviewtheoretical character and is the beginning of further work in this area. Methodology/methods: General scheme of route development of RES technologies has been developed, inter alia, on the basis of evaluation studies of Polish and foreign literature and conceptual study work in the field of graphic presentation of routes, as well as the experience of the author associated with the management and planning in the energy market. Scientific aim: The scientific purpose of this study was to identify and present the basic assumptions of the design of routes of development of RES technologies and to construct a general scheme of the routes of development of renewable energy technologies. Findings: This paper presents the basic principles for the design of routes of development of renewable energy technologies. Based on a detailed review of the designed routes of development of technologies in the area of renewable energy, recommendations for the design of routes of development of RES technologies have been formulated. Also, a base the concept of the routes of RES technologies has been proposed. Conclusions: The basic project of the RES route will enable the coordination of the development of the technological potential of renewable energy sources, as well as the development of the routes of implementation of the desired vision of the development of technologies using renewable energy sources in Poland in two time perspectives: 2030 and up to 2050. It will also generate the knowledge needed in the development of the appropriate energy policy of the country. Knowledge obtained in this way can provide a basis for energy security management of the state.