Piloting the Research Instrument to Identify the Conditions that Promote Coaching in Organisations


  • Angelina Rosha
  • Liudmila Lobanova


organisational coaching, human resource development, promotion, the PRISMA statement, piloting the questionnaire


Purpose of the article: This paper aims to present both the procedure and the results of the piloting the questionnaire to identify the conditions under which coaching is likely to be promoted in the organisations. Methodology/methods: To achieve the aim of the study, the extensive literature search was undertaken based on the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) statement and the conditions were identified from the selected articles. These conditions constituted the basis for the questionnaire for coaches and coaching clients. Piloting the questionnaire was conducted with a limited sample in order to check content validity. Scientific aim: The aim of the research is to identify the conditions that facilitate the promotion of coaching in the organisations of Latvia and Lithuania. Findings: As a result of piloting the questionnaire the clarity of layout and instructions were checked, irrelevant questions were identified and uncertainty and poor wording were eliminated. The experts could evaluate all conditions. The highest score got the conditions that were connected with the willingness to learn and develop Conclusions Limitation: The construct validity and the criterion validity of the questionnaire were not checked since it was not the aim of the piloting. Implications: The designed and piloted questionnaire will be used for the survey of coaches and coaching clients. Sampling list of coaches is prepared preliminarily; it is comprised of coaches from Latvia and Lithuania who are the members of associations of coaches. Sampling list of coaching clients will be created simultaneously. However, it would be done all possible to select a sample large enough for statistical analysis.