The Specificity of the Changes in the Lithuanian Health Tourism Services Industry


  • Neringa Langvinienė


Lithuanian health tourism industry, health tourism service, specificity of changes, general tourism, tourism niche


Purpose of the article: Even if the health tourism is one of the niche tourisms, it demonstrates successful growth comparing to the general tourism, other niches sectors, such as eco, medical, sport, adventure and other forms of tourism. The purpose is to disclose the specificity of the changes in the Lithuanian health tourism services industry comparing to the changes of the general tourism, what includes all kinds of tourism, including the health. Methodology/methods: Scientific literature analysis in order to disclose the coverage, specifics of the health tourism industry, and comparative statistical data analysis on the general and health tourism are done. Scientific aim: The article deals with the specificity of the health tourism services industry, its participators, value for the customer, distinguishing similar tourism subsectors, forms, trends in the development of health tourism in Lithuania. Findings: The results of the survey show the idiosyncrasy in the changings in the health tourism services industry in the Lithuanian market comparing to the general tourism. The amount of the health tourism services establishments is decreasing, as opposite to the number of general tourism. It is not bad trend for the health tourism, as the size of the establishment is growing. Incomes per health tourist are larger comparing to the general tourists, as health tourists stay shorter, but pay more. There are some changes also in the profile of the health tourism services customer. The evaluation of the health tourism services quality is also better than the general tourism at all. Conclusions: Findings show that here are some differences in the dynamics of analysed tourism forms. The health tourism becomes to be more concentrated; services centres are growing. The duration of the stay of the health tourist is shorter, but more profitable, and the quality is evaluated better comparing to the health tourism services used by Lithuanian tourists abroad. The positive future could be for attracting foreigners, who are looking for health services cheaper, quicker, as well as for better quality of the treatments and health procedures.