Employee’s Motivation in Process of Creating Innovation in the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises


  • Petra Koudelková


Small and medium enterprises, business growth, entrepreneur, innovation, motivation, incentives, business education


Purpose of the article: This work deals with innovative factors influencing the growth of small and medium enterprises. The most important are innovations. For successful innovation play significant role human resources. Methodology/Methods: There is used a method, based on the analysis of secondary data, gotten from the economic journals and economic books and articles. It includes theoretical information about innovation and HR in enterprises in the Czech Republic. In the next step was realized primary research. There are addressed 1500 companies acting in the Czech Republic to fill a questionnaire, 321 of them took part in the research. In the article was used qualitative methodology and also empirical statistic method. Results are analyzed and presented using tables. Primary research combines the use of qualitative and quantitative methods. The results obtained from statistical analyzes of primary research are presented in partial and general conclusion. This work consists methodological steps for small and medium-sized enterprises with an interest in growing their businesses. Scientific aim: The main scientific aim of this article is to present results of research executed in the beginning of year 2013 in the Czech Republic and also offer a theoretical and practical overview of innovation in enterprises on the Czech market. Findings: The analysis shows thinking of Czech businessman about motivation. In the next stop is showed importance of “good” employee’s incentives. Conclusion: The management of innovation or applying the innovation into the enterprises has a great importance and contributes to gain the competitive advantages. For successful implementation of innovation to the business are important good motivated employees.