Risks of Business Analysis by Information Systems Implementation in Telecommunications


  • Hana Neničková


business analysis, telecommunication, information system, risk, influence


Purpose of the article: The purpose of this article is to identify and describe set of risks which can occur with direct influencing of information systems (IS) implementation and business analysis (as part of that implementation project) in telecommunication organization. The goal is also to find the risk origins and set up the factors influencing those risks identification. Methodology/methods: Two types of research methods were used. First, the secondary research from the literature resources was used and the results were compared with the primary research consisting from qualitative analysis of interviews with 15 professionals from the telecommunication industry. The induction was used to create a conclusion from this research. Scientific aim: This article shall be perceived as a partial research of the doctoral thesis preparation. The scientific aim of this article is to define the set of risks based on the research. Together with this definition the proof of two researches comparison was performed and the origin of the risks and possible factors influencing the business analyses was found. Findings: There was set of factors influencing the business analysis and the IS implementation project found in the secondary as well as in the primary research. Based on these factors the set of risks was found using also the secondary as well as the primary research. After comparison of those findings it was concluded that both research results are comparable and can be mapped together to get the homogenous set of influencing factors and risks. Conclusions: As the influencing factors were found in the internal environment of the telecommunication organization and the risks were also identified mainly in the internal environment in the organization, there is a conclusion of the article that the risk of business analysis and IS implementation project can be managed together with managing of the internal environment of the company.