Actuals Trends in the Process of Employees’ Recruitment in the Context of the Modern Information and Communication Technologies


  • Veronika Kuchárová Mačkayová


employees’ recruitment, generation Y, ICT, mobile phones, social networks


Purpose of the article: In this article the author deals with the latest trends in the process of employees’ recruitment based on application of possibilities provided by the modern information and communication technologies (ICT). ICT substantially change the shape of world people were accustomed to. Due to their massive development different areas of lives, e.g. personnel work and employees’ recruitment gets impersonal or virtual form. ICT mostly influence the way of life of younger generations (i.e. Y generation or Millennials generation) since they grew up in mutual connection with them and consider them as a natural part of their personal and working life. Methodology/methods: The author applies the secondary data of Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic concerning ICT utilization in Slovak households and the results of analysis of Institute for Public Affairs concerning the social networks in Slovakia. Primary research uses the author to identify the relation of Y generation towards IKT modern mediums. Scientific aim: The main aim of the author is to provide a basis for HR managers in choosing appropriate personnel policy of recruitment young talented people from generation Y. The author on the basis of research identifies and analyzes the relationship of generation Y to modern means of ICT. Preferred compositions can be addressed communication channels for HR managers. Findings: The author points out possibilities to address potential employers from generation Y by companies by means of modern ICT facilities they prefer (mobile phones and social networks). She found that most members of generation Y communicate through phone. Up to 93.06% of respondents use it for calling and sending SMS. They actively communicate their ideas, feelings and attitudes on social networks. Seven out of ten respondents visit social networks daily. Only 5.50% of respondents are not members of any social network. Conclusions: The results of research can help personnel managers in the process of employees’ recruitment of potential young employees. Modern ICT mediums that prefer to communicate members of Slovak generation Y may be suitable addressable channels to reach them with the offer of job vacancies.