Assessment of the Effectiveness of the Information System Using HOS


  • Miloš Koch


Information systems, Effectiveness of information systems, Information strategy, Assessment of information systems, HOS


Purpose of the article: The article deals with the HOS method, which is used to assess the effectiveness of information systems and it is developed at the Faculty of Business and Management of Brno University of Technology. The HOS method assesses eight areas of the information system, sets the overall level of the system as a minimum of value on the axis and recommends the level of the information system according to its importance for the company. Methodology/methods: The HOS method was tested on a sample of 425 randomly selected companies from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Scientific aim: The aim is to verify the HOS method as a tool for information systems’ efficiency and effectiveness assessment for small and medium companies. Findings: It turns out that the proposed methodology for the assessment of individual parts of the information system is set correctly because the summary results for sample of the companies show no anomalies in the surveyed parts of the information system. Furthermore, it was found that from the sample of 425 companies is 172 balanced according to the HOS method and 79 very unbalanced, which is suspected to not very efficient use of the system. Conclusions: The results show that the concept of HOS methods as a tool for the initial assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of the information system is functional and can be used in practice. This method is useful especially for small businesses that cannot afford more expensive and complicated methods for evaluation information system, the secondary effect is to guide the management to the problem areas, whose improvements would bring more effective use of the information systems.