Marketing on Social Networks: Content Analysis of Facebook Profiles of Selected Czech E-shops


  • Jiří Čeněk
  • Josef Smolík
  • Veronika Svatošová



content analysis, e-commerce, Facebook, fan engagement, marketing communication, social networks


Purpose of the article: The research focused on the identification of types and frequencies of posts added by e-shops and the reactions of fans to the posts. Three e-shops were analysed:, and Several categories were selected as qualitative units of analysis of communication between e-shops and fans, the frequencies of all the selected categories were measured and correlations between selected variables were calculated. Methodology/methods: The main research method was quantitative content analysis, which allows the gathering of large numbers of qualitative data and transforming them into data of quantitative nature that can be the subject of further statistical analysis. In case of interesting quantitative findings, a qualitative explanation was used. Both communication from e-shops to fans and communication from fans to e-shops (and among fans) in the years 2011–2015 were analysed. Scientific aim: The objective of the research presented in this article is based on content analysis to evaluate the level of the Facebook communication of selected Czech e-shops with consumer electronics within 2011–2015 using a quantitative content analysis method. Findings: The results show that the posting frequency of all the analysed e-shops is between 1.5–4 days. The e-shops vary in the most frequent types of posts. Posts that elicited the highest numbers of reactions were characteristic with their viral nature. A strong, statistically significant correlation between the number of fans of the fan page and the frequency of their reactions to the posts was found. Conclusions: All of the analysed e-shops should increase the frequency of contact with their fans through more frequent posting and modification in the content of the posts. Based on findings, the several suggestions for effective and successful managing the Facebook activities are served.