Scientific and technological development as a factor of economic growth


  • Jiří Luňáček


Economic growth, income, production, production function, models of economic growth, scientific and technological development


The idea of this paper draws from the area of theoretical economics. It tries to explain effect scientific and technical progress development for the total economic growth. It is based on the land of the neo-classic political economics. Room for scientific and technical development is here understood like possibility to achieve required production profits at lower basic personal and matter factors usage. Submitted benefit tempts outline consistency image about incidence scientific and technical progress development like agent's economic growth and it image cunning until formal expressions that it is possible use to construction analytic or forecasted oriented model. This economics construction introduce that the exercise scientific and technical progress development in economic growth is contingent effective for doing innovative, or experimental work; corresponding operation is intended world's initial operation. Innovation introduced by this Directive in consequence research, general time economically efficient incidence these innovation and at last innovative frequency, because operation is higher, where is time variation in innovation introduced by this Directive own research. Worlds initial beginning innovative incidence is here virtual so that it is concerned as innovation on a world-wide scale. Reason - if innovation introduced by this Directive definite scientific and technical progress of knowledge, it is scientific and technical progress essence.