Factors affecting human capital in relation to corporate strategy


  • Dana Maria Staňková


Human capital, corporate strategy, manager personality, communication, motivation, corporate culture


The company which has an endeavor to be competitive in the market to succeed, it must achieves its stated objectives through increased innovation and productivity of all its key resources. Human capital constitutes the most valuable resource, the company has, and therefore, to use all of its potential, in the process of corporate strategy, is important to use the biggest amount of those important instruments. The object of this present research are the factors that affect the maximum commitment and loyalty of employees to implement the company objectives. Involvement and maximum use of human capital determines the success of the strategy, the speed of its implementation and the level of the required results. The aim of this research is to identify and follow-up description of factors acting on the human capital, as the most valuable resource, the company has in the process of implementation of corporate strategy. These research methods were chosen: focus group and interview to 92 respondents consisted of senior and middle management (MBA students and MBA graduates of business school), which was selected from a core set of random multi-selection). The most important tools which positively influent human resources are communication, properly selected motivation, company culture, but also the personality of the manager, his style of management and leadership.