Managerial liability in term of management, law and insurance


  • Dana Martinovičová
  • Dana Maria Staňková


Managerial accountability, managerial functions, personal liability, insurance for top management, insurance product, D&O insurance


This arcticle deals with personal liabilities of top managers represent as one of the most crucial risks in managing entrepreneurial subjects. The subject of this research was the insurance product, namely liability insurance against damage caused by company management. The issue was analyzed using the internet resources, legal documents and relevant professional publications and carried out follow-up description of finding condition. The aim of this work is the presentation of situation review of this insurance product on the Czech insurance market. A subject of liability insurance against damage caused by company management has respect to damage caused by members of statutory bodies, supervisory boards, directors, or any other managers in direct connection with their functions. The safety protection is possible to arrange with this insurance to individuals only who function as managers on the basis of management contracts, not on the basis of the labour relations. There is a need to carefully distinguish between the responsibility of employees towards employers and a member of the Board towards the company, even if the person is also a member of the Board and also performs a specific function on labour relation in the company. The liability insurance against damage caused by company management, as compared to other insurance product, is not part of current supply for insurance applicants. This fact is influenced by certain unique characteristics of this product, as most is the really high risk o this product. The offer for such a product is given to the very small amount of clients who are important and at the same time trusted clients. In the world, especially in the United States, the D&O insurance has become a common part of insurance coverage and achieved great importance. A number of insurers operating at our market offer this D&O insurance to the companies and this voluntary insurance gets more and more awareness in the business entities in the Czech Republic too.