Selected Aspects in Managing the Offer in Slovak Industry Companies


  • Jaroslav Kita


Industry company, relationship client-supplier, offer, value for client, value oriented offer


The aim of article is to qualify the selected aspects in the offer management in point of view of industry companies with different size which run a business in Slovak Republic. First part of the article represents a methodology of the empirical study. Second part concerns with a problem of the relationship client-supplier in the Slovak industrial market, i. e. as supplier's company can target a client on the basis of his needs, achieve him and to be his support in his activities. In this context the company trade policy realised meets a variety scale of decisions of marketing managers in micro-sized, small-sized, middle and big-sized companies. The research results partially clear the mechanism of managing the offer in the Slovak industrial companies. In conclusion, there are represented some claims which could be an object of further research. The results from the actual study show: internal characteristics of company, the creation of market segments, company information sources, application of trade model. The study, which was realised in the Slovak industrial companies, verified that the companies apply the different approaches to the offer management. The study arised from size types of companies because of that that groups of companies determined on the basis of the number of employees make possible to better qualify the relationship client-supplier as a subset sustainable development focused on the creation of the value-oriented offer.