Model for the Creation of Effective Virtual Enterprise’s Value Chain


  • Kateřina Huspeninová
  • Drahomíra Pavelková


virtual enterprise, business network, competitiveness, value chain, model, synergy


Purpose of the article: Virtual enterprises are type of the business network, which is not yet fully mapped and offers sufficient space to enrich the research activities, but also business practices. With active use of possibilities that virtual enterprise offers can lead to higher competitiveness of the member companies. This is a challenge especially for small and medium enterprises. Still lack a model that would help to functioning of the virtual enterprise effectively. Methodology/methods: Given the nature of the virtual enterprise, it is very difficult to carry out a quantitative research, because for this purpose is needed large amount of data. For the evaluation of the virtual enterprise benefits for the initiator is created criterion function that serves for selection of suitable partners for the virtual enterprise in terms of efficiency and quantification of the benefits for the initiator in a particular case. The application of designed function is demonstrated by using the case study approach. Scientific aim: The aim of this article is to suggest a model for creation of the virtual enterprise, so that had the necessary basis for its effective functioning. Findings: The output of this article is the model for the creation of effective virtual enterprise’s value chain and especially the evaluation of partners using the criterion function. It can determine whether is the creation of the virtual enterprise appropriate for the initiator and if so, who the best partners to cooperation are. The outcome is also identification of benefits for the initiator and their quantification demonstrated by using the case study. Conclusions: Methodology described in this article can serve as a guide for modeling of a real virtual enterprise’s value chain.