The Prediction Model - Tool of Choice and Creation of the Payment System


  • Monika Šimánková


stimulation payments system, reward management, the prediction model


Purpose of the article: This article firstly summarizes theoretical datum about reward management for manual working professions, describes advantages and disadvantages of single payments system. In second chapter it clears up what the prediction model is. It illustrates reason of creation and its using. Subsequently it illustrates how describing process works in a model, origin of information model databases and which basic payment systems are in this model used. Third chapter brings schemes and graphs of model outcomes. Scientific aim: Created prediction model should help with choosing of right payment system. It is focused to help set the curve of rewarding, which influences all model structures. Second aim is research of stimulation payments system in engineering companies and experiences with dependence between rewarding and higher employee output is mentioned. Methodology/methods: Firstly, the background research of literature from sphere of payment system was used. Subsequently outcomes of research about stimulation payments system manufacturing engineering companies were noticed. The prediction model is product of my own work. Findings: Predikční model ukazuje, jak vybraný systém odměňování ovlivňuje výnosy a náklady společnosti a jak podporuje zvyšování výkonu a produktivity firmy. Conclusions: (limits, implications etc) In the field of reward management is very difficult to find the best parameters according to we want to reward employee, because every parameter has its own limits. The most difficult is finding the best connection between stimulus and employee output in order that employee behavior, which is influenced by payment system supports company goals and strategies.





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