Approaches to Measuring the Effectiveness of Marketing Activities


  • František Milichovský
  • Marek Solčanský
  • Lucie Sychrová


Efficiency, measuring effectiveness, performance, financial and non-financial metrics,  benchmarking


Purpose of the article: The purpose of this paper is to find metric from reviewed studies which organization use to measuring own marketing activities with following separating into financial metrics and non-financial metrics. Scientific aim: Scientific aim of this article is based on the relationships between different kinds of metrics for measurement of corporate performance and effectiveness. Methodology/methods: The paper presents advance in useable metrics, especially financial and nonfinancial metrics. Selected studies, focusing on different branches and different metrics, were analyzed by the authors. Findings: The results of the study are describing relevant metrics to prove efficiency in varied types of organizations in connection with marketing effectiveness. The studies also outline the potential methods for further research focusing on the application of metrics in a diverse environment. Conclusions: (limits, implications etc) Conclusions includes identification of different approaches to individual metrcs, especially marketing metrics.





Professional Paper