Organizational Structure and its Deficiencies in Dependency on Size of Companies in the Environment of the Czech Republic


  • Romana Hajkrová
  • Ladislav Pálka


Organizational structure, information system, company process, productivity, competitive advantage


Purpose of the article: The company organizational structure is determined by many various factors. Among them belong, for example, the grouping of the activities depending on the focus of the company, the level of the formalness or the point of the decision-making authorities. Nevertheless, for the company operation is identically important the size of the organizational structure in relation to its overall size. Each company comes through the development, expands, and the expansion is accompanied by larger personal staffing. Scientific aim: The aim of the article is to describe the problems related to the size of the company and size of its organizational structure in the conditions of the Czech Republic. Methodology/methods: The principles of the methodology IS Target Enterprise, i.e. the company objectives, were used for the solution to this question, which - in a certain extent - is specific for each company. Moreover, the combination of the methods of the systematic monitoring of the influences of the organizational structure in relation to the size of the company was used; systems, the information and literature describing the company structure were utilized, free description of certain problems with the company productivity and their influence over the organizational structure. Findings: On the basis of the established data the author identifies the factual problems occurring under the certain conditions of the company development, defines the logical grounds of the origins of the problems and links. Furthermore, the author determines the consequences of these problems and proposes possible options of the solution. Conclusions: (limits, implications etc.) The existence of the problems related to the size of the company and its organizational structure is indisputable; however, in the conditions of the Czech Republic is still the source of the serious problems directly linked with its productivity.