Approaches to Management of Innovation in Large and Medium Sized Enterprises


  • Petra Koudelková
  • Andrea Svobodová


Innovation, collective intelligence, knowledge management, e-learning, organizational structure, stimulation


Purpose of the article: The article deals with the question of processing inovations in companies. How manage the initial idea. And conserve it till the time when it is appropriate to bring it to the market. The research focuses on the facts explaining how to store the original informations and how they are processed. It explaines, what we need for development and implementation of the innovative idea. It discusses the inovations as an opportunity to develop the knowledge management, collective inteligence and other social net-works in the environment of enterprise. Scientific aim: The Scientific aim of this article is to prove the importance and complexity of collective intelligence and knowledge management and support a hypothesis that these tools lead to the innovation activity. Methodology/methods: The Methodology of this study is based on the secondary research and uses the methods as a system approach, analysis, comparison, abstraction, instantiation, modeling, data assembly, examination and synthesis. The main objective of the research considers processing and utilization recherche of papers and journals that were found in the relevant Czech and foreign publications and databases. Findings: The findings gained from the literature are used as a basis for the further research methods. The proper association of knowledge management and the collective intelligence creates a new perspective on innovation, extends the innovative management and concludes with the future challenges for organizations to exploit better the full benefits of knowledge innovation. Conclusions: The Innovative thinking of the entrepreneurs and managers is a trend in the recent years. Whoever is able to revive its business by different number of technical or non-technical innovations, can sustain their business in the market. The inclusion of these approaches in the management of innovation or applying the methods into the business management has a great importance and contributes to gain the competitive advantages even at times of economic crisis.





Professional Paper