Conditions of Private Equity and Venture Capital Financing in the Czech Republic and Other European Countries – Identifying Barriers and Finding Solutions


  • Jaroslava Rajchlová
  • Michal Polák
  • Michaela Baranyková
  • Zdeněk Brož


Private equity, venture capital, legislativní podmínky, veřejná podpora, rozvoj podniků, financování rozvoje podniků


Purpose of the article: Purpose of this article is to analyze and evaluate the conditions of Private equity and Venture capital financing in the Czech Republic and selected other European countries. The research is conducted in the form of comparative study. This research also identifies the barriers of this type of financing and proposes solutions for improvement. Scientific aim: The scientific aim of this article is observed mainly in the thorough analysis of available information about this topic and in the formulation of measures that would help to improve the conditions of PE/VC financing in the Czech Republic. Methodology/methods: In order to acheve the scientific aim of this research the following scientific methods are used: analysis, synthesis, inductive reasoning, description and comparison. Graphical visualization is used for demonstration of results. Findings: Several limitations and problems that hinder the development of PE/VC financing were identified. For example insurance and pension funds cannot invest in this type of assets. There is also little or no support from the government and public funds of funds or so called funds of venture capital do not exist. Following measures are proposed in order to improve the situation. Full implementation of the 2003/41/ES regulation formulated by the European parliament on June 3rd 2003. Public support of PE/VC financing - for example in a form of tax deductible loss originating from the PE/VC investment. Government support of new enterprises through so called fund of funds. Conclusions: Venture capital and private equity are great possibilities for enterprises with a high grown potential. A list of limitations and their solutions is proposed by this research based on the comparative study. These findings can be used to improve the conditions of this type of financing in the Czech Republic.