About the Journal

Focus and Scope

The purpose of the journal Trends Economics and Management published by the Faculty of Business and Management of Brno University of Technology is to publish peer-reviewed original research papers on economics and management.

The journal publishes original research papers on issues from basic and applied research with an emphasis on topics from business and strategic management, business economics, corporate finance, business environment and economic growth and development.

The journal has been published once a year (December) since 01. 01. 2024. Articles are accepted continuously throughout the calendar year and are subject to a review procedure.

Peer Review Process

Before the review procedure begins, each manuscript offered for publication in the academic journal Trendy ekonomiky a managementu (Trends Economics and Management) (print: ISSN 1802-8527, online: ISSN 2336-6508) is first assessed editorially by the editor of the journal to see whether it conforms to the requirements expected of specialist texts. The editors have the right to refuse to submit an article for the review procedure if they believe that the manuscript shows serious formal shortcomings or shortcomings relating to its content, or if it lies significantly outside the field of economics and management. Should a manuscript be rejected, its author will be informed of this, including the reasons for its rejection. If a text passes this editorial procedure, it goes forward to a bilateral anonymous review

If the manuscript receives a positive assessment from the editor, the article goes on to the next stage of the review procedure, during which the suitability of the manuscript for publication in the academic journal is evaluated by at least two independent reviewers. These expert assessors are selected in all cases by the editor of the journal and the with a view to the nature and specialist focus of the given article.
If both anonymous review assessments recommend the manuscript as “original scientific paper” the review procedure is concluded and the text recommended to the journal’s Editorial Board for publication.
Should one or both reviewers demand the revision of the article and its resubmission, the author is asked to perform a fundamental revision of the text. In the revised version of the article, the editor and pertinent reviewers decide whether the revision performed is adequate. Should this condition not be fulfilled, the journal’s editor may reject the article or return it for further revision. If it can be shown that the author of an article has revised the given article in such a way that all fundamental shortcomings have been rectified, the review procedure is concluded and the text recommended to the journal’s Editorial Board for publication without the need for further evaluation.
If one review recommends publication and the second does not, the editorial staff will also have a third review assessment conducted. The journal’s Editorial Board will then decide on the acceptance or rejection of the text for publication on the basis of this third supplementary anonymous review assessment.

The content of a review assessment is, first and foremost, a recommendation as to whether the text submitted should be published in the academic journal or not, including an explanation and specification of this recommendation.
The following criteria, in particular, are assessed:
a) Is the topic suitable for publication in the academic journal?
b) Does the structure of the article correspond to the requirements expected of academic papers?
c) Does the given article have a new contribution to make?
d) Are any interpretations and conclusions backed up by data and statistically evaluated?
e) Is the title of the article a concise and apt indication of its content?
f) Is the length of the article proportionate to its content?
g) Is the abstract appropriate in the form submitted?
h) Is the article comprehensible in stylistic terms?
i) Are the methods used suitable and applied correctly?
j) Are any images and tables arranged logically?
k) Is the cited literature sufficient?

The author is informed about the result in writing. The author will receive at least two reviews evaluating the quality of the content (international relevance, scientific contribution, goal formulation, abstract, quality of the theoretical overview, adequacy and use of methods, quality of discussion and conclusions, importance for theory/practice), and the formal quality as per the instructions issued for authors. If the opinions of the reviewers significantly differ, an additional reviewer is appointed.

The reasons for the rejection of an article and all required amendments, in the case of positive reviews, are communicated to the authors by email.

If a paper is not accepted for publishing, the editorial office is entitled to keep one written copy of it. There is no legal title to having a paper published.

Only accepted papers undergo professional language proofreading. Authors can use the text proofreading services offered by the editorial office free of charge.

The Editorial Board rules on the publication of papers in the academic journal Trendy ekonomiky a managementu (Trends Economics and Management) (print: ISSN 1802-8527, online: ISSN 2336-6508) on the basis of anonymous review assessments. The Editor in Chief rules on final inclusion in the journal. The author will receive all anonymous review assessments in electronic form sent to the e-mail address he or she has provided for the purposes of communication with the journal’s editors.
The standard period for the review procedure is 12 weeks. The meeting of the Editorial Board is held regularly five times per year (in the case of Special Edition Journal publication, the meeting is held six times per year).

Publication Frequency

The journal has been published two times a year (June, December) since 01. 01. 2018. (+ Special Issues)

Place of Publication: Brno
Number of Copies: 100
Periodical Registration Number: MK ČR E 17654
ISSN 1802-8527 (Print)
ISSN 2336-6508 (Online)

Accepted articles for publication undergo linguistic proofreading since December 2018.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that free access to the results of research supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. All content is freely available with no charge made to the user or the user’s institution. Users may read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or link to the full text of articles and use them for any other lawful purpose without requiring the prior permission of the publisher or author. This is in accordance with the BOAI definition of open access.

Licence Creative Commons


The journal has been founded in 2007, as a biannual periodical (June and December) with reviewed publication character from issue one.
It was published semi-annually (June and December) until 2013, quarterly (March, June, September, December) between 2013 and 2014, and it is has been published three times a year (May, September, December) until 01. 01. 2018. The journal has been published two times a year (June, December) since 01. 01. 2018.


The editor of the journal is Brno University of Technology, concrete Faculty of Business and Management.